Micky Renders - Visual Artist and Art Educator

Artist Statement: Painting with Light. Impermanace.

As life moves at a faster and faster pace, I am taken by the impermanence of things. So much of what we encounter and experience is fleeting -- that it may as well be an illusion. These photo-based works are expressions of the ethereal quality of light, colour and perhaps even life itself.


For over twenty years my painting has explored life forces and a sense of universal connection. In this current body of work I consider the temporal nature of things. 'Light painting' is the antithesis of traditional photography: the sweeping motions of the camera or subject create the effects of a paintbrush, recording light energy with its expansive airy quality.  This is a conversation of a painter with photography.


Artspace Artist Run Center, Peterborough

Jan 7 2011 - Jan 29 2011

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