Micky Renders - Visual Artist and Art Educator

Memory Truth and Justice

We are a small non-Indigenous group committed to keeping public attention on the TRC’s Calls to Action, to remembering and honouring murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls, as well as the children whose graves were so recently and painfully recovered. Ten to twelve of us have respectfully and gratefully gathered on the treaty and traditional territory of the Michi Saagiig Anishnaabeg, across from city hall, for 20 Thursdays. Passersby and members of the community often join us. Others just stand and listen as the Calls to Action are collectively read aloud, along with names from the gathered lists of Missing and Murdered women and children. We continue to deepen our own understanding of the systemic and genocidal violence – the legacy of colonialism - that has harmed Indigenous communities for far too long.


Due to COVID restrictions, we have suspended our action; however, we want you to know that we are here, that we are listening and that we are willing to do the work of reconciliation guided by Indigenous Elders, scholars, writers, language holders, knowledge keepers, water protectors and land defenders. Justice for Indigenous Peoples and their communities matters to us. If there is any way we can support your work, please contact us at micky.renders@queensu.ca


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